I'm a hobbyist photographer based in Calgary, Alberta and provide volunteer photography services to local animal rescue organizations.  

When I'm not doing volunteer work, I'm in the field looking for birds and wildlife to photograph.  As well, during the coldest winter days, I can be found setting up experiments such as blowing up light bulbs or making water drops collide. I'm too old to keep secrets, so if you have questions about any of my images, please feel free to ask. I'm more than happy to share techniques, tips and tricks. 

 I'm available for on-location dog photoshoots that are in palliative care and in the Calgary area.  I would be honoured to provide you and your family with high quality keepsake photos of your loved pet before they go to the Rainbow Bridge. 

Thank you for viewing my galleries.

Adopt.  Volunteer.  Rescue.  Donate.