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Created 13-Dec-15
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The Alice Sanctuary is a not-for-profit, interactive sanctuary for rescued farm animals located in southern Alberta. The following are just some of the animals in their care:

Beanu and his mom Bindy were rescued together from a compassionate breeder who could no longer provide the care that Beanu needs. He's a mini horse with Dwarfism and suffers from a number of ailments associated with this condition.

Oliver was purchased on Kijiji at the age of six weeks and was surrendered not long after. Oliver knows his name, loves his kisses, face rubs, and is super smart!

Peaches came into care from a lamb production farm where she was bottle fed and then resisted going back to the herd. As a result she was now walks with a limp from the abuse she endured.

Hanna is a dwarfed heifer and was deemed to be of no use for production. She's too small for a bull or to carry a calf, and too small for to fetch any price for meat. She will always be tiny but full of love.

In an effort to raise much needed funds for this amazing organization, 100% of the net proceeds from print sales of this album will be donated to The Alice Sanctuary.

Thank you for your support

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